About Me

My name is Cari and I am the face behind The Palmetto Queen. 
I take on too many projects that are volunteer, work, and family related- but love every minute of it. Even on vacation, I'm working on a project, communicating with clients, or writing.
This is where I will share about keeping sane and organized, why I do it all, being married, and being a mom. 

Chris and I started dating in May of 2006 and married June of 2010. It has been the best years of my life. He is my knight and shining armor. My hubby is a gamer and I am tech support/ webmaster for his clan. He also creates amazing anime art and is a serious outdoors man. He gardens, spends time in the woods, and catches crawfish (I have a funny story about that- I will share at some point.) We also camp every summer. Chris does construction, and we are each other's support system. I couldn't ask for a better person to walk (some times crawl, and sometimes skip) through life with.

Our little Prince was born September 2010 and is the most amazing little boy any parents could ask for. He is smart, loving, and funny. Tbomb loves being outside, ducks, dogs, trucks, Easter eggs, and Pringles cans. He is obsessed with learning. Every morning, he asks "What are we going to learn today, Mommy." His new obsessions are WWE, Spiderman, and Caillou. He is also the world's smallest geek.

Early in the morning on September 2, 2013, I found myself at the hospital in severe pain. I didn't know what was wrong, according to the doctor, I had a kidney stone and hernia, he also informed me that I was 5 weeks pregnant. The nurse later informed me that I was in so much pain because I was having a miscarriage. Turns out, I was actually in labor and our beautiful little girl was born just a few hours later. She is the light of our lives. Kodabug is the happiest little girl I have ever known.

Koda was the best gift our family could have received. She has restored our faith in God, family, and each other. She has made us realize what we take for granted, and remember to take time out of each day to simply love each other. She loves her brother, Minnie Mouse, giraffes, Daddy, and anything shiny (The Mr says she gets that from me.)

I grew up in a very structured home where we said "yes ma'am," "no sir," and the word "yeah" was not accepted. We would set the table every night and dinner was never in front of the television. My mother taught an etiquette class at church and we were expected to act like it. We sat on the front porch with sweet tea as often as possible and found true gems in the world around us. I hope to carry these traditions along with my own family and will pass along my wealth of etiquette tips and rants along the way. Maybe one day, I'll even open a school. Etiquette is the lost art!

Here are more interesting facts about me:

  1. My mother is an author/ artist and I am her press manager. 
  2. I am the case manager for a paranormal investigations team. In fact my mother-in-law has written 3 books about our paranormal life. I also host a paranormal talk show and plan events for the team.
  3. I love coffee
  4. I am a branding/ marketing consultant. I also design logos at Cari On Media.
  5. I love to read.
  6. I am obsessed with technology.
  7. I love pink and Tiffany blue. 
  8. I have worked on many projects that have let me make contact with some really interesting people. 
  9. I spilled wine on myself in front of The Drifters. 
  10. I'm clumsy (but not in heels)
  11. I was once super-organized, and I am trying to be organized again.
  12. I am a bigfoot researcher/ investigator. 
  13. I will always add to this list
  14. We recently decided to home school our prince.

I really hope you enjoy reading The Palmetto Queen and seeing the journey into my crazy, yet beautiful life of love in the gorgeous South Carolina mountains.

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  1. Hey Cari! I'm visiting from sits. Your little Prince is so cute! I would love to hear about number 2 on your list.

    1. Thanks for visiting! He is cute- he has his mommy's heart. I will be blogging soon about my own ghost adventures!