Thirty-One Busy Bags and More

Disclaimer: I did receive product to review. However, I continue to be so impressed with Thirty-One that I am writing extra posts.

For a while now, I have been thinking about getting another Timeless Beauty Bag or two (from Thirty One Gifts). I thought about using them for special busy bags for the kids- mostly for when we are going to be waiting for a while or in the car for a while. I thought about it when I had to take Kodabug to the Cardiologist (Thank God- there was nothing wrong with her heart) and Tbomb had a long wait with my parents at the hospital. We loaded up on goodies, but I new there had to be a better solution. Of course, Thirty One popped in my head. Since then, I occassionally search for ideas and always end up lingering on the ideas that involve Thirty-One. So, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorites.

This is one of my favorites- doing it this way, the kids have easy access to everything in the car and all that is needed is handy and confined. Hang them from the headrest for easy viewing and fold them up and stick them in the "family" bag when you leave the car. Found on Pinterest. (Timeless Beauty Bag)

Timeless Beauty Bag - also great for long road trips... pack it full of books, crayons, pens/pencils, can even hold an iPad or Kindle. Snap it around the head rest and voila! Kids kept quiet :)  Order from

I love the idea of using a Timeless Beauty Bag as a snack pouch. What a great idea for road trips, camping, or an impromtu picnic. It would even be great for sending to a babysitter, or hanging in the pantry for easy access. Found on Pinterest.

Snack pouch! Great idea! 31 beauty bag www.mythirtyone.c...

Someone turned the Timeless Beauty Bag into the ultimate busy bag. No explanation necessary. Found on Pinterest

The mother of all busy bags. Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag.

This travel bag by What Matters Most Now is what my dreams are made of. 

This one is Tbomb's dream come true. Found on Indulgy

The Timeless Beauty Bag.  Product # 3849 Holds a full iPad Taia Reed -Thirty-One Consultant 714-732-2912 by grooviness29

It isn't really a busy bag for kids, but I love this project. It would be perfect for someone in the hospital. Chemo Care Bags


In fact, the more I see these, the more I think my children need the Timeless Beauty Bags and that I need many more things from Thirty-One Gifts! I want to urge you all to visit this Pinterest board to see all the awesome ideas! 

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