Living the Organized Life: Step 1

I know there are many ways to be organized and many ways to get organized. I want to share a different way to organize. I am going to show you how I handle keeping my LIFE organized. These are the steps I take when life is getting out of control. This whole process usually takes a couple of days and I usually do it once a year, when it is needed. I am only sharing one step a week so you do not get overwhelmed. I also want to help you take the time to focus on each step.

Step one is all about making lists. 

  • Make lists of all your responsibilities and commitments. 
Don't forget to list all organizations and groups you are a part of as well. When doing this, make sure to sub-list all things you do in each category. 
For example, I am in CSPRI and within the organization, I am the case manager, staff media assistant, and Paralina producer/ host. All of these jobs require certain tasks like updating calendars, keeping track of schedules, and scheduling/ monitoring social media. I include all of these things in sub-lists.  

  • List any projects you have going on or that you will be starting soon.  
Also list any to dos that you have and steps you know to take for each project. 
For example, I am planning a Halloween event, a birthday party, and  various other things for the team. Within each category, I go ahead and list the things I know have to be done- this helps me keep up with everything I'm doing. 

  • List all chores you do yearly, seasonally, monthly, weekly, and daily. Also list things you do after completing certain tasks. 
I also include work tasks since I work from home. I have a list of all the things I do after I complete a blog post- I include that as well.
Seasonal chores include household and business management. I list that once a week I need to schedule social media posts, once a month, I review all social media channels, and a list of all the social media tasks I do every day. 

  • Gather all to do lists scattered around and combine into one. 
This is for all those to dos you write down to eventually get to.

  • List any other things you keep up with and things you may want in a planner or to-do diary. 
This is things like birthdays, meal planning, water/ calorie intake, weekly meetings, etc.
This also may be a good time to see if there are any responsibilities you would like to delegate or step away from.

Hold onto to these lists, we will do something with them next week. I promise it will be worth it.