Why Homeschooling Is So Popular

Homeschooling has become a popular choice for many families. Many families choose to homeschool for a variety of different reasons. However, certain reasons remain dominant as the prime reason for choosing this educational platform for their children.

Personalized Education
Many parents feel that a public or even private education robs their children of the personalized attention they can get from a teacher. Most classrooms are filled with more than a handful of kids. This makes spending time with one student close to impossible. Plus, most schools have a timed curriculum they must follow. This curriculum, along with a schedule of when certain things are supposed to be taught, doesn't leave a lot of room for taking adequate time to ensure that all students are learning to the best of their ability. There simply isn't enough time. This often means that every student in the class doesn't always have the opportunity to get a full understanding of a lesson before it's time to move on.

Personalized Attention
Most children run into a subject or concept that they have a tough time understanding or performing. The homeschool environment is extremely conducive to providing the personalized attention a child may need to truly understand some topic or concept. This ensures that the child is getting a full understanding before he or she moves on to the next subject or topic. This is important regardless of what is being taught. It could be a lesson on industrial wiping rags. It doesn't matter. The homeschool environment lends itself to making sure that a concept is fully understood before moving on.

Total Flexibility
The flexibility that the homeschool environment provides is another area that varies greatly from the conventional school environment. Conventionally speaking, there is little flexibility within the public and private school system. Most of these systems deal with preset curriculums and standardized tests as means to guide the teaching topics and chart the progress of students. The homeschool environment may follow a curriculum, however, how it's taught and when it's taught is completely up to the parent. This can be extremely beneficial to the child as well as the family.

The choice to homeschool can be very rewarding for both the parent and the child. The child gets all the personal attention he or she may need and the parent gets to draft a learning style and curriculum that is truly personalized and focused in the way the parent feels would be most beneficial to the child.

Organizing Legos With #ThirtyOneGifts

Legos- a pain in my side until I see Tbomb building something. Then it is time to clean up and it starts all over again. We have a love/ hate relationship.

Here are some products that will be sure to help.

1. Your Way Rectangle
Use it for a new LEGO user, a specific type of block, to throw them all in, to store current projects, and so much more. Even better- it has a lid and can be slid under the bed. 
2. Mini Storage Bin
Tbomb needs one of these to put the blocks he is working with in. This way, they won't fall off the table, get lost in the floor, and he can still have room on his little desk for what he is building. 
3. Oh Snap Bin
I think several of these hanging on a rod would be amazing. 1. House Parts 2. Car Parts 3. People 4. Minecraft pieces, etc

4. Large Utility Tote
Hold It ALL

5. Mini Catch All Bin
Great for specialized pieces, people, stairs, and more. Tbomb has some bendy silicone bricks that this would work great for as well. 
6. Fold N' File
This would be great for instructions, ideas, baseplates, or one for all three.
7. Quick Cinch Thermal
Quick clean up and store it all! 


Organizing Dolls With #ThirtyOneGifts

My daughter is slightly obsessed with her 18-inch dolls. I'm slightly obsessed with organizing them. Here are some amazing products from Thirty-One Gifts that can help you tame the chaos.

1. Catch All Bin
This is perfect for storing all those doll accessories that don't belong any where else, or even her accessories that she may want to grab quickly to play with. 

2. Mini Storage Bin
Perfect to store smaller containers in, play sets, shoes, and more.
3. Your Way Rectangle
Snapper stores her doll's clothes in this and it works perfect. With the lid, it can slide under her bed. 
4. Large Utility Tote
This will store it all and guess what?! It can even be a bed for her friend, or hold horses, furniture, and more. 
5. Fold-Up Family Organizer
This is perfect for accessories like hair bows, jewelry, scarves, and even shoes. Plus, she can hang it up and see what she has. 
6. Quick  Cinch Thermal
I think this thermal would be perfect for traveling with her best friend! 
7. All In One Organizer
This little beauty will work for a favorite play set, special clothes, heading to a play date, playing outside, and so much more! 
8. Hang It Pocket Organizer
This would be perfect for items that she wants to have quick access to, that you do not want to get lost in the chaos, for her doll's dolls and stuffed animals, for blankets, and more. 


10 Thirty-One Products to Keep Mom Organized

Disclaimer: I did receive free products from Thirty-One Gifts to create organizing projects with. However, I do love this company and highly recommend them.

When it is time for me to organize something, including myself, my first stop is always Thirty-One Gifts. I'm finally in the swing of things from having kids too big for diaper bags, carrying their own backpacks, and finally being organized on the go and at home with the kids and our life. Over the time, I have found some amazing products from Thirty-One that really help moms out!

1. Retro Metro Bag

Retro Metro Bag - Woodblock Whimsy
A good and gorgeous purse is what every lady needs, especially a busy mom. This bag is perfect- plenty of room, pockets, and style! 
2. Hang-It-Up Key Fob

Hang-It-Up Key Fob - U R U Phrases
There are a ton of uses for this key fob, plus it is adorable! You definitely need a great keychain for all of that errand running. 
3. Perfect Cents Wallet

Perfect Cents Wallet - Loopsy Daisy
Of course mom needs a wallet she can find everything in very quickly. This is just the wallet for that! 

4. All-In-One Organizer

 All-In Organizer - Camo Crosshatch
Every mom needs a great tote for carrying essentials and project materials. No matter your needs, Thirty-One has one for you!

5. Clear As Day Duo

Whether attending a game, concert, day at the beach, or park stop, this tote is perfect for carrying all you need, getting in stylishly, and finding everything. 

6. Cool Clip Thermal Pouch

This is perfect for packing a lunch, some snacks, drinks, medications, and anything else that needs to stay cool. It is small enough to not be bulky and can clip onto another bag. 

7. Fresh market Thermal

This is the perfect larger cooler for familes. It holds casseroles, 2 liter drinks, team snacks, picnics, road trip food, and more. It is even perfect for the beach!

8. Double Duty Caddy

Great for so many things- outside essentials, cutlery, condiments, and more. This Double Duty Caddy is a must have for all families. 

9. Large Utility Tote

This will literally hold it all. Are you a coach? Dance Mom? Team Mom? Scout Leader? This will hold all the necessities? Travel a lot? Can't live without it! 

10. Your Way Rectangle w/ Lid

Seriously one of my favorite Thirty-One products! It is perfect to put between seats or in your trunk for extras that you do not want to carry in and out- sun screen, bug spray, picnic essentials, activities for the kids, extra snacks, blankets, umbrellas, and more. 

Homeschool Tips + Supplement Learning With Movies

I had the opportunity to create a guide with Pureflix to share my homeschool tips for families like yours. Pureflix offers a wide variety of content to supplement a homeschool curriculum. Especially for visual learners, movies can make learning easier and more fun. 

Even better, Pureflix offers a free 4-week curriculum for homeschool families. You can check it out here

Superhero First Day Of School Breakfast

Disclaimer: Oriental Trading has provided the materials for this project. All opinions are my own.

We are gearing up for back to school here at Owl Creek Academy. The kids are excited to start a new school year and to learn new and exciting things. Tbomb is starting first grade and Snapper is in preschool. Superheroes are always fun and this summer has been the summer for superheroes, so my theme was born. The back to school fairy had fun setting up a surprise breakfast for the kids' first day of school!

The back to school fairy really had her creative juices flowing. She started with a black table cloth to make all the fun stand out. The confetti plates coordinated well with the superhero theme. She found them fun cups for their milk. Their surprise buckets have fun school supplies, surprises, snacks, and items to remind them to carry God with them everywhere.

Each bucket contains:
Bible Book Labels
Bible Study Stickers
Mini Erasers
Mechanical Pencils
Ring Stampers
Super Hero Sticker Sheets
Religious Bracelet
Hero Bucket
Note from the back to school fairy

It made it even more fun because Oriental Trading carries the Avengers and DC Girls, which is their favorites. 

The sign I chose is perfect. What I really like about it is that it is free-standing and magnetic. I can put it on the table in the mornings for announcements- field trips, etc. I wrote their happy sign on one side and on the other was a good opportunity for our sign for photos!

As far as breakfast goes, I have a go to breakfast for big days. The kids always eat it good and it is quick to make and can even travel if planned for ahead of time.

Breakfast for a big day! 

1. Egg in a basket: this is so easy it is ridiculous! Take a piece of loaf bread, leaving the edges high, press the center down flat, so you have a "basket." Crack an egg and pour in. Grate cheese over the top and pop in the oven. Cook until the egg is done.

2. Mix some vanilla yogurt with honey, preserves, or fresh/ frozen fruit. If we are on the go, I'll put this in either a travel bowl or thermos bowl.

3. I love making them smoothies for breakfast, but sometimes they just get milk or juice.

This is the best and easiest breakfast my kids will eat without fail. I bet yours will too.

Happy first day of school. May Oriental Trading make yours special too!